WhatsApp for Business Branding: How and Why

WhatsApp for Business Branding: How and Why - Bizzporto Blog

With over 1 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp is becoming a faster growing and affordable means of communication. While almost every business can be found on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram people nowadays expect the quick, cost-effective and convenient tool to approach their favorite brands. What can be more simple, direct and personal means of communication than WhatsApp?

In this post, we will see-

  1. Why Use WhatsApp for Business Promotion
  2. Tips on How to Use WhatsApp to Promote Your Business
  3. Five Brands using WhatsApp for Business

Why Use WhatsApp for Business Promotion?

WhatsApp has become a favorite means of communication among people, even more than Facebook. About 60 billion messages are sent through WhatsApp every day! According to Nielsen’s Facebook Messaging survey, WhatsApp users are willing to engage in personal chat and prefer to shop with the businesses they can directly communicate with.

What’s more, WhatsApp is fast, simple, efficient and easily accessible to the users worldwide.

WhatsApp for Business Branding: How and Why - Bizzporto Blog
WhatsApp for Business Branding: How and Why – Bizzporto Blog

Tips on How to Use WhatsApp to Promote Your Business

Keeping in mind the growing popularity, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp for Business to encourage and support business promotion on WhatsApp. WhatsApp Business is free to download Android App developed with keeping small business in mind. WhatsApp Business offers different tools to sort, automate and quickly respond to the messages so the businesses can easily interact with their customers.

  • Business Profile

Create a Business Profile with appropriate business information. You may use your brand logo, latest product or new offers as a profile picture for an everlasting impression. Also, add your contact details, business description, and website and e-mail address in the profile.

  • Labels

Create and use relevant labels like New Customer, New Order, Pending Order, and Payment Status to be organized.

  • Quick Reply

Use the Quick Replies and reuse message facilities by WhatsApp Business to easily answer the common queries by customers.

  • Automated Messages

Set and use automated messages for when you cannot reply to the customers personally. An automated greeting message to introduce your business to a new customer will create a good first impression of your business.

  • Message Statistics

Access different methods available on WhatsApp Business to know the statistics like how many of your messages were sent, delivered and read by the users.


Five Brands Using WhatsApp for Business

If you are thinking that WhatsApp Business is only used by small businesses or it can only be used to connect with your customers, then you have to see the services and amazing campaigns some of your favorite brands are running using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Business Branding: How and Why - Bizzporto Blog
WhatsApp for Business Branding: How and Why – Bizzporto Blog

Brands using WhatsApp

  1. Netflix

Many of us often ask our friends for a movie or a show suggestion whenever we got bored. Now Netflix has taken that position quite well. Netflix has started giving a movie and show suggestion via WhatsApp in India to its viewers based on the length, genre and the content viewers previously enjoyed. It’s a great marketing strategy to grow Netflix subscribers and viewers in India.

  1. KLM

Have you ever traveled by or willing to travel by KLM Air Lines? You can now check your booking status, check-in notifications, and flight updates via KLM verified WhatsApp account all in the single chat thread.

  1. BookMyShow

BookMyShow is a trending and very popular portal in India where people can buy movie or concert tickets. With the growing WhatsApp users in India, the company recognized the potential of WhatsApp for business and started delivering booked tickets via WhatsApp. This marketing strategy proved to be a simple and eco-friendly solution eliminating the need for paper or printing.

  1. Reliance Brands

Reliance, one of the business brand tycoon in India, haven’t invested much to integrate WhatsApp for Business. However, Reliance is effectively using WhatsApp to send the product pictures of their selling labels like Kenneth Cole, Brook Brothers, Diesel and Zegna to their customers.

  1. Ethos

While the big brands in the online world are honing the skills of WhatsApp, offline brands like Ethos aren’t further behind. Ethos an offline luxury watch retailer is using WhatsApp to connect to both their old and new customers.

It’s proven that any media if used wisely can open the golden doors for the business. WhatsApp is a widely used the messaging app in the world, especially in India. Due to the growing use of WhatsApp and its potential to promote a business, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp for Business in September 2017. Many big brands online and offline have already integrated WhatsApp into their businesses. With proper direction and care small businesses can also take this opportunity to grow their business and provide easy, quick and personalized services to their customers.

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