5 Reasons to Kick-start Your Facebook Business Page

5 Reasons to Kick-start Your Facebook Business Page - Bizzporto.com Blog

“Facebook, for business? Isn’t it like dead? I mean there’re so many restrictions now, who’s gonna keep up with it?”

That’s what we keep hearing from most people. Yes, Facebook is getting stricter for better and safer user experience. And if you think Facebook is not so in a boom for business marketing anymore, we’ve 5 strong reasons to convince you otherwise.

So let’s see why Facebook is better for business.

5 Reasons to Kick-start Your Facebook Business Page

  1. Lower marketing expenses

Setting up a Facebook Business Page is actually free unless you design profile page and cover page photo/ video from a professional. Facebook Page lets you showcase your story, services details, about us, and opening hours.

Promoting Facebook page, posts boost however costs some money. But the budget is surely lesser than the radio, TV or newspaper ads. And Facebook targets a much larger crowd (almost 1.2 Billion Facebook users!) in a lower marketing budget.

  1. Gather more leads

So you started a Facebook campaign and you got 1000 likes already! That’s nice. But if you don’t do anything with your increasing page likes other than keeping them engaged; your business is going to go nowhere! As a business marketer, you have to turn likes into leads and further potential buyers. Through occasional contests, festive giveaways and email newsletters you can gather leads.

  1. Reach targeted audience

Facebook has over 200 million users in India. But that doesn’t mean everyone those Facebook users is going to like your page. Creating precise ads and targeting right audience will get you faster and better promotion results in fewer expenses. For your local business, direct your ads within 50 km will get you precise audience. The budget will be a bit more but the ads will work as a laser target.

You must be thinking ‘How can I track my expenses and campaign results?’ Facebook has answered that for you. Facebook lets you track your expenses, your target reach, page likes, and engagement, all through Facebook Insights. And the tool is easier and simpler to use and handle.

5 Reasons to Kick-start Your Facebook Business Page - Bizzporto.com Blog
5 Reasons to Kick-start Your Facebook Business Page – Bizzporto.com Blog
  1. Brand loyalty

This is one of the most important reasons why businesses should have an active Facebook Business page. We’re living in the world where people can find anything everything on social media. People find it easier and comfortable to buy from a business or services provider who has an active Facebook page and keep posting updates about their business. If your audience finds your posts relevant and informative they will share those further resulting in more organic visits and likes to your page. Moreover, this loyal audience will support you and even defend you on social media in the time of crisis. Just like big brands fans!

  1. Increase Web Traffic

Now you have more visits and likes to your page and a loyal audience. Now be smart and use this to increase your web traffic. Keep posting recent blog posts and the latest news links on your Facebook page. This will drive more traffic to your website and may result in better SEO results in the future. Facebook’s new feature generates a full-width thumbnail image. When visitors click on the image they will be directed right to your blog post/ website link. So make sure you add relevant and eye-catchy images in posts.

So, those were the top 5 benefits of having an active Facebook business page. We hope you have changed your mind by now and are ready to kick-start your Business Marketing with Facebook.


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